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There is no way to appropriately describe what losing a loved one feels likes. For many, having to pack up their loved ones homes and possessions is all too painful. Similarly there are many elderly people who have lost a partner and have no family, or have family that do not reside in the same state or country to be able to provide this help.

During this time tough decisions need to be made by the family. Preparing a house for sale or settlement with your loved ones possessions still left inside can be completely overwhelming, and trying to decide what things you would like to keep can be too difficult a task to complete.

At this time it may be too hard to look at the sale or settlement of a house objectively. The last thing you may be thinking of is how to go about sorting through your loved ones possessions, or the task of cleaning the house and setting it up to best present the property for sale and to maximize it’s sale price and potential.

Home Moving Planners provide a fast, respectful and professional deceased estate clearing services and our empathetic team of experienced staff have had years of experience clearing deceased estates. Our staff are trained experts at finding important personal papers and documents that could be crucial to solicitors, executors of estates and family in winding up a probate or other legal and financial matters on the estate. We are also able to identify and locate other important items, valuables and even money inside the home. The remaining unwanted items will be removed quickly either through donations to charity or disposed of.

If required we can also offer additional services to prepare the home for sale such as property styling, cleaning, gardening and maintenance.

Home Moving Planners is here to help you during this difficult time and manage the clearing of your loved one’s home respectfully and empathically.

Our Services:

At Home Moving Planners we offer a wide range of deceased estate house clearance services and can help with:

  • Decluttering and sorting of items to go to family, friends, charity or to be sold
  • Organising rubbish removal
  • Organising for necessary repairs and maintenance
  • Full furnishing and styling of homes for sale
  • Part furnishing and styling of homes for sale
  • Cleaning inside and outside
  • Window cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Organising painters and handymen
  • Clearing the property for settlement
  • Organising storage and removalists
  • Organising carpet steam cleaning
  • Packing any goods or furniture to go to family members
  • Organizing the sale of unwanted furniture through second hand dealers or online (please note that we receive many inquiries from those who just want their furniture sold. Selling of unwanted furniture is a service we only provide for clients as part of our full deceased clearing services, to assist them with the removal of their unwanted furniture. We do not provide this as a stand-alone service and will not come out to quote on the selling of second hand furniture only. We are not second hand dealers, we do not purchase unwanted furniture and we do not provide valuations for furniture)

Our deceased estate house clearances services are ideal for those who:

  • Are unable to physically complete the sorting and clearing tasks themselves
  • Are overwhelmed and stressed at the task involved with preparing their loved ones house for sale or settlement.
  • Have no family, or do not have family residing in the same country or state to provide this help
  • Have busy family members who are time poor
  • Have had a love one pass away recently and are too distressed to sort through their loved ones possessions.
  • Are emote to their loved ones property
  • Are too busy and time poor to complete these clearing tasks
  • Are unable to complete these clearing tasks in a short time frame.
  • Are acting as Executor of a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Would like one point of reference during the clearing and selling process and would like one company to manage and supervise all their needs.

Why choose us?

  • Home Moving Planners staff are experienced expert decluttering, packing and unpacking specialists. Our staff can help you declutter and sort through possessions you may no longer need or will not fit at your new home.
  • We also understand that in yours or a loved ones homes there may be other important items, valuables and even money inside the home. It takes a skilled expert professional to quickly and carefully sort through a home to find items that may be hidden or forgotten about, sometimes in inconspicuous places amongst other possessions. Our staff have found lost wedding rings and between $15,000-$17,000 hidden in places such as a seamstress’s clothing patterns, in between books and even wadded up in dirty tissues stuffed in the lining of a bedside table. It’s important to choose a business whose staff are honest and well trained to sort through possessions, and don’t just come in and throw things out because on first glance they look like rubbish!
  • We can organise and provide all required packing materials.
  • We have short turn around times to pack clear homes ready for settlement.
  • We organise reputable and reliable second hand dealers to visit the property to give a valuation on any saleable furniture and goods that you may no longer need or will not fit into your new home, so that money can be given back to the estate.
  • We provide our own in house rubbish removal that is fast and cost effective compared to using expensive skip bins. This way the skip isn’t left outside your home so your neighbours can use it until it is ready to be collected. We are also able to do multiple loads of rubbish in one day so that you don’t have to wait for a skip bin to be collected and replaced, which could delay the time taken to clear your property for settlement. You also only pay for the rubbish that is removed, that is if you only have 3 cubic metres of rubbish this is all you pay for, unlike skip bins where you pay for the full 6 cubic metres even if it is only half filled.
  • We can offer a range of other services to help pack and prepare your home settlement, such as removalists  cleaning, gardening and maintenance.
  • We are a family owned and operated business with family values. Our culture is to treat all of our clients as if they were our own family.

Our Process

STEP 1: Free Consultation

An initial phone conversation or email to discuss your circumstances, priorities, services you are requiring and timelines. We will then organise a time with you for a site inspection and our recommendations for your move.

STEP 2: Comprehensive Quote

We will provide you with a personalized and detailed quote, outlining all of the relevant services for your situation and their associated costs.

STEP 3: Work Begins

Once our quote has been approved we will organise a time and date with you to begin work on the property. We will discuss with you a timeline for work to be completed.

STEP 4: Sit Back and Relax

Let us assist you with as much or as little as you need to aid you in a stress free downsizing and moving process.

Our Approach:

Home Moving planners are a family owned company who have been operating in Melbourne, Victoria Australia for many years and we are passionate about helping families have a stress free moving or selling experience.

At Home Moving Planners, we understand how difficult it is to prepare a deceased loved one’s home for sale or settlement. Our experienced team will show empathy and respect to your loved ones home and possessions. Our aim is to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

Home Moving Planners provide a complete beginning to end service and can co-ordinate and supervise every step of the clearing process. We act as one point of reference and can organize, plan and complete all of the necessary tasks for you. We can do as much or as little as you want, relieving your or your loves ones from the stress of house clearing.

Our services are fast, stress free and cost effective for owners, loved ones and executors of estates.

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