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Home Moving Planners offer complete property styling services, designed to increase the value of your home. Home Moving Planners can provide a fully furnished and styled property for sale, with all furniture and accessories handpicked and hired out for a standard six-week selling campaign. Alternatively, we can also provide part furnishing of homes using your existing furniture where possible. (Please note that for part styled properties we have a minimum $1900.00 fee)

Why do I need to style my home for sale?

Property styling is a proven way to help sell a property faster and for bigger returns.

The Internal Institute of Home Staging research has shown that a home staged for sale sells 30-50% faster and for 7-17% higher than the price of a non-staged home in a similar market.

Real estate agents today will tell you that they are no longer just selling a property; they are selling a lifestyle. Today’s buyers are much more about visual presentation than ever before. With a cooling market it is especially important that properties stand out and allow their best features to be shown. Property styling is the cheapest and best way to achieve this. Vendors can’t rely simply on land value, or houses receiving exceptional prices anymore. Your home needs to stand out from the rest of the properties on the market and be competitive.

Potential buyers want to be able to visualize their own possessions in your house and therefore need to see all the “space” available to them in each room. Often houses are set up for your own comfort, but this is not always visually appealing and does not maximize the features in the room. The key to styling a property is creating a look that will easily enable potential buyers to see themselves living in your property.

People look to buy homes for logical/functional reasons (first home, growing family), however studies have shown that people buy homes based on emotional connection or attachment to a property. Styling homes allows people to see how they could live a beautiful life in your property and therefore elicits an emotional reaction in the buyer.

Why would you accept a lower price for your home, when a bit of extra time and effort could make your home one of those properties selling well above your expected price? When you consider that your property is often you biggest financial asset, it is paramount to put effort into the presentation.

Do I really need a professional stylist?

1. Market Expertise

The benefits of working with an experienced property stylist, is in their understanding of the real estate market and targeted demographic. Selecting designer furniture and expertly chosen accessories and artwork is an integral part of the process of creating appeal for buyers.

2. Buyer Psychology

When styling a home, experienced property stylists place an emphasis on not just showing potential buyers what type of furniture can fit the property, but how they could see themselves living in the property. All furniture, home-wares and accessories are individually chosen and positioned for a purpose, to get inside the buyers mind and tell them a story. Experienced property stylists find a balance between showing functionality of the space as well as letting the room elicit an emotional response out of the buyer, as they envision themselves living in the property.

3. Capturing Attention

Styled houses are more appealing to potential buyers in real life and they also photograph better. In today’s competitive market where most buyers are looking for properties online, your home needs to have “wow impact” to capture the attention of a buyer and make them stop and click on your property.

4. Cost Effective

Property styling is the more cost effective option to updating your home for sale. It is not to be mistaken over more expensive avenues of styling for profit such as renovations or interior design.  It is a misconception that property styling is too expensive and only for luxury homes. Every home can benefit from small changes made by property stylists.  Homes professionally staged for sale on average sold 7-17% higher than non-staged homes. Professional property styling is also a proven way to help achieve an extra 5-10% on sale price.

5. Time on Market

Recent studies have shown that homes professionally styled for sale, sell between 30-50% faster than non-staged homes. A poorly presented home will cost vendors more in the long term. When a property sits on the market for a long period of time, it has lost it’s window of opportunity for wow factor. This leads to low offers and more often than not, a price reduction on sale price. Our question to vendors is: Can you afford not to style your house for sale?

Our Approach:

At Home Moving Planners, we curate a bespoke look that will enable buyers to visualize the full worth of the property, through a design approach that compliments the home. Our focus is on the importance of spatial planning, an enticing colour palette and the affect of quality and statement pieces in attracting potential buyers. The benefits of working with an experienced property stylist, is in our understanding of the real estate market and the targeted demographic. Designer furniture selection is an integral part of the process of creating the appeal for buyers. As well as expertly chosen accessories and artwork that add the finishing touch through a sense of texture and detail that compliment the character of the property. It is these small details that will make your property stand out in this competitive market to other styled and non-styled properties. We work with current trends in the industry and research your target market (downsizers, first home buyers etc) when creating our styling plan for your property.

At Home Moving Planners we style homes so that they feel spacious, warm, welcoming and inviting to potential buyers. Our aim is to create a return on invest for our clients by producing high quality styling at affordable prices.

Our Process

STEP 1: Free Consultation

An initial phone conversation or email enquiry to discuss your circumstances, priorities, other services you may require and timelines.  We will then organise a time with you for a site inspection at the property and our recommendations on how to best present your home for sale.

STEP 2: Comprehensive Quote

We will provide you with a personalized and detailed quote, outlining all the hire items by room and their associated costs.
We will discuss with you a suitable date for install.

STEP 3: Work Begins

Once our quote has been approved, we will organise and carefully hand select all furniture and accessories at our warehouse. Each room will have a prepared look expertly put together and photographed at the warehouse so we know exactly how each room will look come install day. All items are carefully packed ready for delivery.

STEP 4: Sit Back and Relax

Home Moving Planners will expertly arrange all the furniture, artwork and accessories chosen in your home.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you unsure how to set up the rooms in your house to maximize space and sale potential?
  • Do you need some help styling and setting up your house to enhance its presentation for inspections?
  • Do you feel like you need to modernize or update your home, but don’t want to buy new things?
  • Do you have your property on the market and have had very few viewings from potential buyers?
  • Do you have your property on the market but have received offers lower than expected?
  • Have you had your property on the market for a long time?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you need Home Moving Planners to help you present your home for sale.

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